Dr. Babak R. Samiei

Dr. Babak R. Samiei
Cosmetic and General Dentist

After graduating from University of Pécs, Dr. Samiei moved to Budapest and the love he had for this city made him settle down here. Starting at some of the best dental practices in Budapest and searching for the best solutions in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Samiei ended up opening his own practice so he can provide his patients with the best treatment.

Being the fourth generation in health care and doctors, allows him to feel first hand the responsibility behind every treatment so he can serve his patients better every day.
His Grandmother always said: 
"My father, my husband and my son are doctors and at least one of my grandchildren must to be a doctor too."
Till the age of 10 he wanted to become a doctor, but after stepping into an orthodontist office, he looked at his mother and said "This is what I want to be, a dentist."
So today he would like to serve his community and give a confident smile to each of his patients. 
Speaking three languages such as Farsi, Hungarian and English makes it easy to communicate and explain the procedure to patients.
Having dentistry as his passion he also travels the world as a volunteer dentist with Global Dental Relief team to give smiles to children who do not have access to dental treatment. He likes getting to know new cultures and people.

Courses and Seminars: 

  • Dental World 2015
  • Dental World 2017
  • Dental World 2018
  • A fogpótlástanban alkalmazott korszerű eljárások
  • Direkt anterior helyreállítások leegyszerűsítve
  • Implantológiai kurzus, Alpha Bio
  • Competence in Esthetics, Budapest 2018