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Dr. Samiei and His Team
Our dental clinic is located in the heart of Buda and a very peaceful areas. Our team's main goal is to provide the best and most comfortable treatment. At us Every Patient is a VIP.


During our first appointment with our patient overall oral status is checked and clinical photos are made. The data gathered are studied to have the best and most reasonable treatment is chosen.

Scaling, Cleaning and Polishing

At our dental clinic, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Our Scaling, Cleaning and Polishing service is designed to enhance the health and appearance of your teeth. Using advanced tools and techniques, our skilled dental professionals will carefully remove plaque, tartar, and stains, giving you a fresh and rejuvenated smile that you can proudly show off.

Dental Fillings

Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay with Dental Fillings At our dental clinic, we provide top-quality dental fillings to help you say goodbye to tooth decay. Our skilled dentists use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials to remove decayed portions of your teeth and fill them with durable and long-lasting fillings. By addressing cavities promptly, we prevent further damage and ensure the preservation of your natural teeth.

Crowns, Onlay and Overlay

Crowns, Onlay and Overlay is dedicated to providing patients with superior restorative dentistry solutions. We specialize in crowns, onlays, and overlays to address a variety of dental concerns, such as severe decay, damaged teeth, and cosmetic imperfections. Our experienced dental team takes a personalized approach to treatment, carefully crafting custom-made restorations that fit seamlessly into your smile. Using the latest techniques and materials, we ensure that your restoration is durable, natural-looking, and long-lasting. With Crowns, Onlay and Overlay, you can enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Dental Implant

Our Dental Implant service offers a permanent solution for missing teeth. Using advanced technology, our experienced dentists will carefully place a titanium implant into your jawbone, creating a strong foundation for a replacement tooth. With proper care, dental implants can last for many years, providing you with a natural-looking and fully functional smile.

Dental Veneer

Dental Veneer is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves placing a thin layer of porcelain or composite material on the front surface of a tooth. It is designed to improve the appearance of teeth by covering up imperfections such as chips, stains, or gaps between teeth. The veneer is custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of the natural teeth, resulting in a natural-looking smile. This procedure is popular among people who want to enhance their smile and achieve a more confident, radiant look.

Dental Bridge

1. A dental bridge is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can help fill in the gap left by one or more missing teeth. It consists of two dental crowns placed on the adjacent teeth with a false tooth or teeth in between, effectively bridging the gap. This procedure not only restores the appearance of your smile but also improves your ability to chew and speak properly. If you have missing teeth and are looking for a reliable, long-lasting solution, a dental bridge may be the right option for you.




Scaling and Polishing


White Filling

  • From 37000 Ft

Veneer, Crown, Inlay and Overlay

  • From 100000 Ft

Root Canal Treatment

  • From 70000 Ft

Tooth Extraction

  • From 30000 Ft

Dental Implants

  • From 199000
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