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  •  14-03-2019 02:59 PM

Amalgam is consists of liquid mercury and series of other metals such as silver and copper. It is often used due to its low cost and easy usage. But is it worth it? Mercury on its own is considered a toxic metal, so it is better to avoid using it as a filling material. Also due to expansion of amalgam, often we come across cracks on the tooth which is another reason to change metal fillings.

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  •  23-01-2019 09:34 AM

It is a small, square shaped rubber which is used to isolate a single or group of teeth. We always use it during root canal treatments to stop the bacterial contamination of root canals by saliva. It stops the flow of saliva into the working area and makes the treatment easier for both dentist and patient as the patient can swallow and move the tongue freely.

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